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Legends Pointe Pedicure

Classic Pedicure 

The Classic Pedicure begins with a warm soak to help soften cuticles for removal. Next, your feet undergo wonderful scrub to exfoliate. Then, we massage moisture-replenishing lotion into your feet for smoothness and relaxation. We finish a nail protein base coat and quick topcoat.


Treatment Pedicure 

We have different types of incredible scents for the sea salt, scrub, mask, and massage lotion, you get to choose from, including Lavender, Mint, and Orange.

VolcanoSpa Pedicure  


You’ve never experienced a pedicure like this... Detox Volcano Crystals & Detox Volcano Activator combine an a patent pending combination that activates deep detox with a fun bubbling explosion! This luxury pedicure also includes exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen cream mask and creamy collagen massage lotion made with organic based ingredients.                    Feel the Eruption!
The Volcano Spa Pedicure has 6 alluring scents:
- Need some love? Go with
Romance 🌺
- Stressed? Take a tropical escape: Tropical Citrus  🌴 
- Sweet & Luxurious restoration? Honey Pearl  💎
- Refreshing & Moisturizing? Orange No.5 🍊 
- Want to Detox? Green Tea & Aloe Vera 🌱
- Need to Relax? Lavender Eruption 🌋



Milk & Honey Pedicure 

Milk has extraordinary hydrating qualities, increasing your skin’s ability to obtain moisture. It’s packed full of vitamin A, D, and E, as well as lactic natural AHA, to nourish your skin with anti-inflammatory benefits. Moreover, the Milk & Honey Pedicure package also includes a nice session of hot stone massage. (Paraffin treatment is an additional $5)


Signature Legends Pointe 

This Signature Legends Pointe offers an indulgent experience that is perfect for brightening skin and revitalizing with Antioxidants, Collagen, and Vitamin C. This service includes hot stone massage. (Paraffin treatment is an additional $5)

It is brought to you with six astonishing scents you can choose from: 
- Fall in love with Lavender & Lace 🌸
-Rejuvenate with Sweet Orange 🍊
-Glow in Crystal  Waters ❄️
-Luxuriate with No.5 Perfume🌷
-Refresh with Lemon Splash 🍋
-Reduce stress with Luxury Pearl  🔮

Legends Pointe Manicure

Classic Manicure

Great for those on the go. This basic manicure includes a hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, buffing, a relaxing hand massage with warm cream and long lasting polish of your choice.  Buffing to a natural gloss is available if you do not desire polish.


Treatment Manicure

We have the different types of incredible scents for the sea salt, scrub, facial mask, and massage lotion you get to choose from, including Lavender, Orange and Mint.


Milk & Honey Manicure

Raw milk, rich in B-vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids, calcium and other potent antioxidants, has so many skin benefits! It will nourish skin cells from deep within and keep skin moisturized all day.

Manicure-Pedicure Combo

Classic Mani-Pedi Combo 

Treatment Mani-Pedi Combo 

Milk & Honey Mani-Pedi Combo 

Gel Mani-Pedi Combo 

Pedi-Gel Mani Combo 

Treatment Pedi-Gel Mani Combo 

Milk & Honey Pedi-Gel Mani Combo 

Little Princess

Kids Manicure(Under-11 yo) 

Kids Pedicure (Under-11 yo) 

Kids Mani-Pedi Combo(Under-11 yo) 

Kids Hand Polish(Under 11 yo) 

Kids Toe Polish(Under-11 yo) 

Kids Gel Polish Change 

Kids French Tips 

Full Set Nails

SNS Dip Color

SNS Dip Pink and White

Full Set Regular Acrylic 

Full Set White Tips 

Full Set Solar Pink & White

Full Set Acrylic with Gel on top

Full Set Color Powder Tips

Full Set Gel Builder Pink & White

Full Set Gel Builder with Gel Color on top

Full Set Solar Natural Pink

Full Set Gel Builder Natural Pink


Regular Acrylic Fill-in

Solar Powder Pink Fill-in

Solar Pink & White Fill-in

Solar Color Powder Tips Fill-in

Solar Color Powder Fill-in 

Acrylic with Gel on top Fill-in

Gel Builder Natural Pink Fill-in

Gel Builder Pink & White Fill-in

Gel Builder with Gel Color on topFill-in

Gel Polish

Gel with Manicure

Gel with Pedicure

Gel Polish Change Hand 

Gel Polish Change Feet 

Gel add on with service

Add-on Services

Almond/Coffin/Flare/Pointy Nails

Hand/Toe Polish Change

French Tips

Paraffin Wax on Hands/Feet

Nail Repair

Acrylic/Dip Removal

Acrylic/Dip Removal with Service

Gel Color Removal



Upper Lip



Full face

Full Legs

Half Legs

Under Arms

Full Arms

Half Arms

Side Burn




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